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Arnprior Cliffside Deck

This deck was built by us beside the Ottawa River in Arnprior in 2013. 

It is a steep site , which was more or less inaccessible for the homeowner.  They wanted as large a  deck as could be squeezed in overlooking the water at a lower level and stairs leading to the water's  edge with a structure strong enough to attach a dock which would pivot up out of the water  in winter. 

It was not really possible to come up with a specific plan, just a general idea of what we would do. All the structures are bolted to the stone on the cliff face. We framed the main deck first ,which has a small pergola and outdoor kitchen and then worked our way up and down from that, framing the stairs as they fit best. The work took about 3 weeks. 

Short of using a drone, it's not possible to get all the work in a single photo frame. There are a couple of videos below that give a better look. 

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